Valiant Co.

Our newly-made blades are of hand-forged-to-shape spring steel (Carbon Steel) or Damascus; traditionally hand-made in 8 wide-spread locations in Indonesia, refined and re-finished in WA, Australia.
No blade is exactly the same to others! Though we try our best to describe their specifications, some tolerance may still occur whether in blade's length, thickness or weight; not to mention Damascus fold and pattern and style of carving. But, we make sure that all of them are of the same quality!
Our products are 100% hand-made of quality workmanship and craftmanship by the same people who do and did the same job back to more than 300 years ago. Some of them are 7th or 8th generation of the same 'discipline', whether they are blacksmiths, bladesmiths, carvers or "mranggi".
All blades are fully sharpened, hardened and tempered in order to be able to perform as they are meant to be ... A FINE QUALITY WORKING TOOLS!
Most blade patterns, styles and ornaments are original to the area, derived from genuine antique pieces in our collection or based on museum/other sources specification. Most "hybrid", "exotic", "noble" and "Japanese" blades are excluded from this criteria.
Fittings are of well-seasoned tropical hardwood, buffalo horn, bone or stag; no synthetic materials whatsoever. Warning: Extremely hot or cold climate however, may affect some wooden sheaths!
Our extensive range of product will definetely fill your needs no matter you are users (campers, survivalists, adventurers, military personels, etc.), martial artists or collectors. Note: Once, long time ago ... some of our antique blades were everyday working or using (probably battling and fighting) tools, too!
Our traditional line have been field-tested for hundreds of years, no doubt THEY WILL DO THEIR JOB. Anyway here are some comments on our blades' performance by several end-users. Any suggestion, comment and feedback, either positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated for further improvement, thank you!

LENGTH = overall length of blade + handle; WEIGHT = overall weight of blade + sheath.