Valiant Co.

All prices are GST inclusive! Price may change without notice!
We serve on "first come first serve basis" on several low-level stock, "one of a kind only" and antique items.
Back order may take 3-4 months time to re-stock, so "Buy when they are still available!".
We take bulk purchase and quantity order based on customer's specification; a minimum quantity of 20 pcs each model and 40% advance payment required.
We ship after payment received and/or personal cheque cleared, please check shipping and payment options.

Our product sold as everyday using/working tool or collectable item and for martial-art practise or training purpose, NOT AS WEAPON!
We do NOT encourage a irresponsible possesion of our product and/or use it against the Laws!
We strongly recommend to check your local/State/Federal Laws and/or your country's Customs before ordering. We are NOT responsible to any delays which may occur or any seized products!
We reserve the right NOT TO SELL to people under 18 years old!